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Race/ism: A Tale of Two American Sons

Join us on October 22 as we welcome Professor Tejai Beulah from Methodist Theological School of Ohio.  This is part of our Fall series "Bind us Together" as we look into the topic of race and racism in America.
Professor Beulah will help us to consider What is the root of race/racism in the U.S.? Using the story of the prodigal son, what is God’s will for those who have privilege and those who do not in addressing the issues that divide them? How can these two groups be properly reconciled?
Tejai Beulah is a PhD candidate in American Religious History at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. Her dissertation examines the theological writings of black evangelical preachers and activists in the black power era, and she argues that their attempts to center “blackness” in evangelicalism not only challenged white supremacy and paternalism (American Christianity), but served to create a truer form of Christianity (the religion of Jesus) that espoused dignity and humility in community.
Professor Beulah is currently an adjunct instructor, and the Coordinator of Partnerships and the Black Church Studies and African Diaspora Studies Specialization at Methodist Theological School in Ohio (MTSO).
Professor Beulah is a 2011 graduate of MTSO with the Masters of Theological Studies in Church
History. She earned her first master’s degree in African American and African Studies from The Ohio State University (2007), and in 2005, she received her bachelor’s degree in English, History, and Gender and Diversity Studies from Xavier University (OH). In addition to studying race and religion in the 20 th -century, her other research interests include: slave revolts, the work of Howard Thurman and Maya Angelou, hip hop and literary studies, feminist and womanist ethics and theologies, criminology, and the carceral state.
Professor Beulah is a native of Youngstown, Ohio. Besides her family and friends, she loves
music, ice cream, bookstores, metro parks, and watching sports. Professor Beulah may never
pursue pulpit ministry full-time, but she welcomes opportunities to proclaim the good news of
freedom and justice anywhere and everywhere. She lives in Delaware, Ohio.

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