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Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany

Advent is upon us.  Join us at Toledo Mennonite Church for "An Advent Apocalypse" - a journey through the book of Revelation.  

Far from being a book of destruction and the end of the world, Revelation is in fact a book about the arrival of God who overcomes evil with love and justice.  It is a book that calls the church to discipleship, worship, and hope as we follow Jesus who is the Lamb of God.  It accomplishes this through the use of artistic imagery that awakens our senses to the work of the divine in our world to restore all things.  

Sunday morning worship is at 9:30.  Times for evening services indicated below.  

November 26 - Revelation 1:1-11
December 3 - Revelation 5:1-14
December 10 - Revelation 12:1-17
December 17 - Revelation 14:6-13
December 21 - 6:00 pm. Longest Night Taize Service
December 24 - Revelation 1:12-18
December 24 - 5:00 pm. Christmas Carol Service
December 31 - Revelation 19:5-10 January 7 - Revelation 7:9-17

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