Coffee, Cookies, and Carols


 This advent at TMC we will again be incorprating the concept of the Advent Conspiracy in our worship services.  The idea of the Advent Conspiracy is to put the focus of Christmas on what we followers of Jesus proclaim it to be: a season hope, peace, joy, and love as we celebrate the birth of Christ.  

Too often the season is dominated by holiday stress, maxed-out credit cards, and the worst aspects of our consumer-driven economy.  This is not what we want to be about, and the folks at the Advent Conspiriacy have been doing a great job for the last several years of giving us a framework for a different set of Christian practices and behaviors this time of year.  It's simple.  Spend less (which will lead to less stress, less debt, less greed, and less junk in our closets), so that we can give more to benefit others and uplift our communities.  

A few years ago we used this concept and raised money for a water well in Dodoma, Tanzania through Mennonite Central Committee.  This year, we will host a benefit event for Toledo Streets, a newspaper that helps the homelss in our city.  The event will be on Sunday, December 15th at 6:00pm at our building on 5501 Nebraska Ave in Toledo.  It will be a great evening of live music, delicious Christmas cookies, and excellent coffe from local coffee roaster Robert Roeger.  Hope you can come, and feel free to spread the word.