Citizens of God's Kingdom

It's been a while since the last update.  Summer is in full swing and things have been busy.  Earlier in July several of us from TMC were in Phoenix for the Mennonite Chuch USA national convention.  The topic of immigragion was a major focus for the convention.  Particularly the matter of how do we as followers of Christ respond to the immigrants among us knowing that Christ identified himself as among those who are strangers and foreigners in this world (Matthew 25:35).  It provided a lot of food for thought and new learning.  As a delegate body, we worked on making updates to our denominational statement on immirgarion from 2003.   Further reflections are forth coming from the border tour led by BorderLinks.  This Sunday in our worship service several people who attended the convention will share their experiences with the congregation.  Hope you can attend.  If not, we hope you are enjoying summer vacations and encountering God in new and exciting ways.