On the border: searching for hope and fairness

On Monday July 1, my wife and I boarded a plane and flew to Phoenix for our denomination’s national convention. We dropped our 3-year-old daughter off with my parents, said goodbye, reassured her we’d see her soon, and looked forward to an engaging week of worship, seminars, learning experiences and work with our denomination. 

On that same day, Benito (not his real name) said goodbye to his wife and kids and went to work the same way he had done for the past 15 years. Only his goodbyes were always different. Benito knew that on any given day he might not come back. Benito is an undocumented Latino immigrant who worked in a garment factory in Los Angeles. On July 1, an immigration sweep went through the factory where he worked. He was caught without proper documentation and was deported to Nogales, Mexico.

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