Concluding the Book of Ruth

Date & time:  Sunday, November 15, at 9:30 am

Sermon:  Redemption

Scriptures:  Ruth 3 and Ruth 4.  (Thematic Texts:  Psalm 17:6-8; Psalm 119:153-156; Mark 5:30-34; Luke 7:44-50)  (Backgrouhd Texts:  Genesis 38; Deut 25:5-10; Lev 25:25-55)

Focus of Sermon:  In chapters three and four of the book of Ruth we see that Naomi’s circumstances have changed 180 degrees from bitterness and emptiness in 1:20-21.  Ruth’s loyalty and initiative in these chapters enjoin her to other courageous women in the scriptures who took action to secure justice, wellbeing, healing, and redemption for themselves and those they love.  As this story concludes we see the fulfillment of Boaz’s blessing in 2:12 that those who seek shelter in God will find refuge.  

Action the sermon calls us to:  To pursue justice in our relationships, to fulfill our responsibilities toward one another, and to seek sanctuary and refuge in God. 

Moment in Mission:  Pat Hummel, Feed Your Neighbor volunteer, Toledo Area Ministries