2015 Summer Sermon Series: Practices of Christian Community -- Simplicity

“Christian practices are things Christians do together over time to address fundamental human needs in light of and in response to God’s grace to all creation through Christ Jesus.  Practices resist separating thinking from acting, and thus Christian doctrine from Christian life.” 

June 21, 2015

Scriptures:  Matthew 12:25, Psalm 86:11, Matthew  6:33, and Psalm 146:5-7

Focus:  It’s so easy to live distracted, complex lives.  The Christian practice of simplicity, based on Jesus’ teaching, is about attending to our focus.  We long for our hearts to be brought closer to God and for our lives to be characterized by neighborly love.  

Action the sermon calls us to: Simulate thinking on ways we can “de-clutter” our lives so that we might live more fully for God’s glory in service to others. 

Identify areas where we are tempted to serve two masters and reevaluate if our priorities are where they should be.  

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