2015 Summer Sermon Series. Practices of Christian Community: Lament

Stanley Hauerwas says, “To learn to be a Christian, to learn the discipline of faith, is not just similar to learning another language, it is learning another language.”

July 5, 2015:  Communion Sunday, no Sunday School this week

     Scripture: Psalm 22.  Related texts: Psalm 13; Psalm 55:22; Book of Job

     Focus:  Lament is an often overlooked aspect of the Christian life.  It gives believers the chance to present their complaints before God, acknowledging His enduring presence, and looking forward to hope in the resurrection.  Christian lament is a practice that is done by a community empowered by the Holy Spirit.

     Action the sermon calls us to:  How as a church community can we lament well, recognizing its importance in the life of believers?  Recognize this often ignored aspect of Christian life is important and central to other practices like forgiveness and reconciliation. 


Suggested Activity:  Reflections on Lament

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