Website Update

Our website just got a new make over.  Please have a look around.  Let us know if there are any errors or if anything could be better. 

In the transfer from the old design to the new design, two things were lost:  Bulletins and Sermon Audio. Old bulletins are still in process of being uploaded.  The most recent "Advent Apocalypse" sermon series on the book of Revelation, and a sample of guest speakers have been re-loaded.  If there is an old sermon you are looking for, please contact us.  

The most recent 10-15 posts under "News and Events" have been re-edited and re-formatted with the new design.  Older post were left as they were after being imported.  Therefore, you may notice some of the older posts don't seem to fit cleanly into the new design.  So be it.  We aren't that concerned that an old post from 2016 doesn't look clean in the new design template.  

Hope you enjoy.