Advent Devotionals

Advent begins on Sunday December 2. There are many good devotionals available to help you deepen your faith during this season. Below are three devotional series that we recommend.

Goshen College produces a daily e-mail devotional based on the revised common lectionary. The theme this year is “The Lord is our Righteousness.” You can read and subscribe at

The Anabaptist Faith Formation Network has produced a lent-at-home resource for families called “God’s Goodness.” Click here to download the pdf.

Everyday Abbey has produced a resource called “God’s Hospitality.” It focuses on ways for Christians to make hospitality a central practices of God’s renewing work in the world. Click here to download the pdf.

Finally, Plough Publishing has one of the best anthologies ever published of daily devotional readings for advent from an excellent array of classical and contemporary Christian writers, thinkers, activists, and theologians. Click here to purchase.