My Life is Ashes

Join us for our Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday February 14 at 6:30 pm.

The theme is "My Life is Ashes."  As part of the service, you will be invited to share a 30-second testimony about a time when your life was in ashes.  Also in the the service we will be reading excerpts from the writing of Henri Nouwen that guide us from being in ashes to where we might find new life.

Whether you share or not, you are invited to this service as we officially begin the season of Lent

Sharing a 30-Second Testimony:  

You are invited to prepare a 30 second testimony and share it at our Ash Wednesday service.  The testimony can be NO MORE THAN 5 SENTENCES LONG.   PLEASE write it out before hand and practice it.

Picture This: A moment in time when your life was in ashes. Draw the picture with words.

  1. How old were you?
  2. Where were you?
  3. Who was there?
  4. What happened to make you feel as though your life was in ashes?
  5. Who was God to you in this situation?

*** YOU DO NOT NEED TO RESOLVE THE STORY. As a part of the Lenten theme “Give it all Up” it can be enough to simply leave your story in Ashes (Easter comes later).

An example of the format:

I was 18 years old and my best friend (my older sister) and I got in an epic fight. I told her everything she was doing wrong with her life and I said I needed to tell her that because I loved her. I stormed out of the house and drove to the cemetery in the middle of nowhere to cry. I realized I didn’t confront her out of love, I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed because she lived her sin in the open and I just lived my sin secret—she was a mirror image of myself.  Jess age 33

Over the past several years I have had bouts of darkness. I usually cannot pinpoint exactly what brings it on. I feel alone and scared. At times I fear I am losing my identity.  I cry a lot and prayer begins. I cry out to God to answer my prayers but they seem to be unanswered. Why? –Anonymous