Lent at Home

You can nurture your faith at home this Lent and Easter.  The TMC Formation Commission recommends the following two resources.

The first is a resource from the Presbyterian church called "Draw Near."   It offers daily devotional readings in the Psalms and engaging visuals.  Each day contains a short reading and a list of open-ended questions that allow the spirit to speak to you through the text.  Click here to download.  

The second resource is from anabaptistfaithformation.org.  It is a Lent-at-Home guide particularly geared toward families with children.  The guide follows the Lent theme "Between Me & You" from the Leader Magazine.  We will not be utilizing this theme in our worship, nevertheless, it still provides a good at-home guide to deepen your faith during Lent.  Click here to download.  

In whatever way you choose to engage the season of Lent, may God's Spirit be at work in you to transform you more and more into the image of Christ.