Rhythms of Prayer

Rhythm of Prayer

** Due to vacation schedule, there will be no weekly prayer the week of August 6-12.  **

What:  Online Morning, Mid-Day, and Evening Prayer


  • Mondays:         6:30 am via Zoom
  • Wednesdays:    12:30 pm via Zoom or TMC Office
  • Saturdays:         9:00 pm via Zoom


Step 1 – Get the App on your Phone

Download the FREE Anabaptist Prayer App - Take Our Moments and Our Days – available on Apple and Android devices.  Easy-to-navigate format, as close at hand as your digital device. Features include navigation to a recommended service for the date and time of day, tracking to keep your place in the sequence of services, an ability to call up particular services, introductory materials and extensive indices. 

Step 2 – Join Online on your Computer     

Go To www.zoom.us (No account needed) 

First-time users allow a few extra minutes to download and install the appropriate plug-in.

Click “Join a Meeting”

Enter the meeting ID# - Check our Facebook page for future meeting ID #s