Another Year Of Service

The last day of TMC Tutoring for the 2011-2012 school year was May 24th. We have now served our local community for eleven years! We had a good year getting to know and serve fourteen different kids from nearby public elementary schools, and began to build relationships with eight families whose children attended our program consistently throughout the whole year. While these numbers seem a little small, numbers are not necessarily the best measurement of positive impact on our community.

Thank you so much to the 15 students from St. John's Jesuit High School & Academy, 6 students from Notre Dame Academy, 5 students from Central Catholic High School, and 2 students from Rogers High School who gave their time as volunteer tutors this year: a total of approximately 550 hours. And to the fourteen members of our congregation that also served the program in some capacity this year, as a regular tutor, a substitute/short-term tutor, a shepherd, helping with snack, etc. And thanks to the Reynolds Corners Rotary Club, the congregation of Toledo Mennonite Church, and others who generously gave financial resources to make the tutoring program possible. Not least, thank you to all those who supported our work in prayer throughout the year.

Please continue to pray for the schools we serve (McTigue and Hawkins Elementary), and their staff and teachers as they prepare for the coming school year. Pray for me (Scott) and others involved in planning for the next year of the tutoring program: especially Karen Rupp and others involved in planning for our annual Quilt Show fundraiser at the church. Pray for all of our students and tutors and their families throughout the summer. And pray for all those by whom we will be blessed and whom we will serve in the coming year.

May God Bless you this summer!

-Scott Coulter, Director, TMC Tutoring (A Ministry of Toledo Mennonite Church)