Back to school - 2013!!

How did it get to be the first week of school again so soon?

I hope you have had a great summer - mine has been productive, involving teaching nearly 200 students in my summer reading classes since June: in Ft. Wayne, Perrysburg, Toledo, and Findlay, and also spending lots of time with my fiancee as we plan our wedding!

But the children in our neighborhood--at McTigue Elementary next door and Hawkins Elementary just north of us on Bancroft Street--will be back in school tomorrow! My prayers are with the students, parents, teachers, and staff at both schools as they begin a new year of learning.

TMC Tutoring will be here again--for the thirteenth year!--to provide support for a dozen or so of these chidlren (from the 1st through the 4th grade), starting September 30th. It is a privilege to get to know and to serve the students and parents involved in our small after school program, as well as to know and work with the high school students and adults who give their time and energy and gifts to help support our elementary students.

I'm thankful for God's goodness to us last year (2012-2013): we served 23 students from 7 families: 16 from McTigue and 7 from Hawkins. Eighteen of our students were with us all year! And thirty-three teens and young adults volunteered over 1300 hours to the program last year.

I eagerly anticipate God's ongoing faithfulness to us, as God generously gives us all the opportunity to participate in God's love for the children and families in our neighborhood.

If you would like to send your child to TMC Tutoring this year, or if you are interested in volunteering, please don't hesitate to give me a call, or send me an email!

Grace and Peace in Christ to you this year.

-Scott Coulter, TMC Tutoring Director